Why you should avoid overloadingĀ 

Vehicle overloading puts lots of pressure on your car, van or minibus and can be incredibly dangerous. All vehicles come with a maximum load weight that must not be exceeded or problems will arise. 

If you’re not familiar with driving a van, you might accidentally exceed the maximum limit. When you hire a van, make sure you know what your limits are and make multiple trips with your items if necessary. 

What is overloading? 

Tyre and van overloading occurs when the items in a vehicle tip the weight limit over the safe recommended use. It can also occur if a load is not spread evening around the vehicle, causing excess weight to sit unevenly and potentially damaging your vehicle. 

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Why is overloading dangerous? 

There are lots of potential problems caused by tyre and vehicle overloading.  When driving, you’re putting more strain on the vehicle that it is designed to handle. Parts will quickly wear out under the increased pressure and you’re at risk of a tyre blow out. 

Key components in your engine can fail leaving your stranded with a costly repair bill, and you’ll see a dramatic difference in your fuel consumption. 

tail lift full of heavy boxes at risk of overloading

When driving with an overloaded vehicle, you’ll notice it’s much less stable and your handling is impacted. Reaction times are slower, meaning an accident is much more likely. 

You’re also actually invalidating your insurance too if you overload your vehicle. If you were to crash, your coverage would be void leaving you to pay the whole bill. We’re sure you don’t want to see that eye-watering sum taken from your bank account. 

How to avoid overloading 

We know it’s not practical to know the exact weight of each load you’re putting into a van, especially when you don’t regularly transport large or heavy items. But, you should make an informed estimate of how much your load weighs and leave a 10% error margin for your trip. That way, you can be confident you won’t overload the vehicle. 

Have a look at our guidance for loading a van to make sure your items are evenly distributed across the van. There are also some handy tips for keeping your load safe in transit too. 

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