5 things to know about driving a van

Driving a van is a different experience to driving a car. It’s much larger vehicle, slower to react, and you often have more limited visibility when on the road.

We’re going to talk you through the 5 things you need to know about driving a van effectively.

Leave plenty of time

A fully loaded van is a heavy thing. When driving, you need to make sure you leave plenty of time to react to what's happening on the road around you. Give yourself plenty of space to stop and make any turns you need to. Moving slowly allows you to get used to the dimensions of the larger vehicle and to park and manoeuvre it safely.

Load carefully

You need to make sure all the items that you’re transporting are secure and won’t pose a danger while you drive. We’ve got some useful tips for getting all your items in and out safely. Check them out here.

Make sure you check your load limits too. Overloading your van can be incredibly dangerous and cause damage to the vehicle.

interior of a Measham Self Drive van

Park wisely

You might struggle to get your van parked while you get used to its larger size and comparative lack of visibility. You need to pick your spot with care, choosing an area that’s got plenty of space for your vehicle, as well as enough room to get your items in and out of the loading doors.

We’ve got some detailed advice for parking vans here.

Use your mirrors

Without the use of a back window, you need to rely on your mirrors for visibility. Adjust them properly to your needs so you are able to see as well as possible. It’s always useful to have a friend in the van with you too while you’re getting used to driving the larger vehicle. The extra set of eyes can be a real help on the road, and invaluable when parking up.

Get comfortable

You need to make sure that you are in a comfortable driving position whenever you get behind the wheel. It’s even more important when you’re driving an unfamiliar vehicle that you are sitting comfortably and that you’re in full control.

Get in touch

We hope you’ve found these tips for driving a van useful. If you’re ready to hire a large vehicle for your upcoming journey, please get in touch. Our friendly team are here to help get you booked in to the right vehicle for your needs.

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