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Our top tips for packing a van 

Packing a van isn’t something lots of our customers do every day. You might have hired a van as a one off to help you move house, in which case you’ve got lots of other things on your mind. But, making sure your van is packed correctly will make the whole day go much easier.

Take a look at our top tips for packing a van:

1.    Load large items first

They’re the ones that are going to take up the most space. You can get creative and slip smaller boxes in later, but you don’t want to find you’ve suddenly got no space for your double wardrobe or bedframe.

2.    Distribute the load

You want to make sure you evenly distribute your load as much as possible. Spread weight evenly throughout the van and get clever with your packing. Put boxes in the gaps underneath chairs, for example, to stop them sliding about while you’re moving.

3.    Wrap up the breakables

You don’t want to find a load of smashed glass or pot when you open your doors at the other end. Make sure you’ve securely protected anything fragile in your load before you put it in. You’ll also want to cover any wooden items like table tops to avoid accidental scratches.

4.    Check for drawers and doors

Make sure that anything that can open will stay shut throughout your journey. Make sure no drawers or doors can swing open while you load and travel.

young couple packing a van on their moving day

5.    Limit the empty space

If there’s empty space in your van, you’re more likely to have movement during your travel. Try and plan ahead and think about what space you’ll need and hire an appropriately sized van. The team at Meashams can advise you on this when you book.

6.    Don’t overload

All vans have a maximum load limit that you’ll need to stay under if you don’t want any costly problems on the road. We’ll let you know what the max load is, but if you forget, you’ll be able to find out on the vehicle identification number (VIN) plate inside the van.

7.    Load in rows

Loading in rows makes it much easier to manage your space. You should also try and use the entire height of the van too.

8.    Secure your items

To limit the amount of wiggling they’ll do during transportation, make sure you secure your items with strapping. This can be anything from rope to bungie cords.

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Driving with a full load

Driving a van full of items might be new to you. Make sure you’re careful with your speed and try and avoid heavy breaking wherever possible. This will help you get your cargo to where it needs to be in one piece.

Your steering might not be as sharp as you’re used to either. Heavy loads can make it harder to steer or may even take you further than anticipated with the extra weight.

Unloading tips

It’s easy to forget in the stress of getting the van packed that you’ll have to unload it at the other end. This isn’t a process you’ll want to rush, so make sure you’ve got somewhere you can park up and take your time where you’re not going to be an inconvenience to other road users.

You’ll also need to keep in mind that things might have moved about during travel. No matter how careful you were when packing the van, things still find a way of getting free. Keep your eye out for any breakages or unstable boxes when you’re moving around to unload.

Plan where things are going before you start to remove them from the van. They’re probably not going to be put in the place they’ll stay in your new home, for example. You might want to put all your items in your new garden space and then decide where they go once everything is out of the van.

To sum up

There are lots of things to consider when packing a van. With a bit of thinking ahead and lots of Tetris skills, you’ll be able to get all your items to their new destination safely and in one piece.

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