Sustainable road trip tips

With the new year and high hopes for the vaccine giving us a little more freedom this year, your thoughts might have turned to travel. But, with environmental concerns mounting, how can you make as little impact with your trip as possible?

By following these sustainable road trip tips, you can enjoy a break from home, explore somewhere new and keep your environmental impact as low as possible.

Plan your meals ahead

Food is a big part of your travels, but with a little forward planning, you can help keep your plastic waste low. Prep your meals and snacks to eat on the go, and do your research on places you can eat out to avoid waste.

Bring your reusable cup and bottle

Bottled water and disposable coffee cups are a massive source of waste – and completely unnecessary! Bring your own coffee cup and reusable water bottle to fill up when you stop.

woman with a reusable water bottle in the woods

Consider car sharing – when it’s safe to do so!

There are lots of fantastic apps that connect you with other travellers so you can share the ride. By joining together with others, we can limit the number of cars on the road and reduce the amount of pollution they put out. Just make sure it’s safe, having spent so long keeping away from others to curb the virus, we don’t want to un-do all that hard work now!

Swap out the wet wipes

Disposable wipes might make for a quick clean when you’re travelling but they’re terrible for the environment. Instead, bring an organic cotton flannel or muslin cloth you can use to wash on the go and reuse time after time.

Make your fuel go further

There are lots of things that you can do to make your fuel last longer. From basic car up keep to altering your driving style slightly, simple changes can get more miles from your fuel, save you money and help reduce the resources you use for your trip.

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Plan your route

Knowing where you’re going helps you plan the shortest route and saves time and fuel. Having a clear plan of where you’re going to visit stops you having to backtrack and be in the car more than absolutely necessary.

map with a notebook and pen

Don’t litter

It shouldn’t need saying, but the amount of rubbish that is carelessly tossed out of car windows or dropped to the ground in beauty spots is staggering. This litter doesn’t biodegrade and will remain indefinitely unless it is eaten by a hopeful animal or cleaned up by good citizen. So don’t litter! Not even the remains of fruits, as they’re likely not native to the environment you’re in.

Stick to the trails

We know it’s tempting to wander off the track, but it can be very damaging to the environment that you’re enjoying. Sticking to the maintained path will still give you a fantastic experience, and will help protect the natural habitat you’re enjoying.

Support local

Wherever you go, try and support local, independent businesses when you can. Supporting the local economy and avoiding mass produced, unsustainable business is something we’re all trying to do more and more, so make it part of your travel plans too!

Travel hybrid

Meashams have invested in a range of hybrid hire cars for our customers to help keep emissions as low as possible. They’re perfect for distance driving, as the petrol tank charges the electric engine and the car swaps between the power sources depending on the driving conditions.

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