Strange driving laws you might break every day

There are lots of strange driving laws that you might never have heard of. The UK has some weird laws you should be observing while you drive so we thought we’d point out some of our favourites. Which of these strange driving laws have you broken recently?

Splashing pedestrians 

You can get up to three penalty points if you’re caught splashing pedestrians with puddles as you drive past. You’re charged with ‘driving without due care or consideration’ and if your case goes to court, you can be fined anywhere between £100 and £5,000. 

Pets in the vehicle 

If your pet is travelling with you, you need to make sure they’re safely restrained. If the police wanted to enforce the law, you could face nine points and a £5,000 fine for letting Fido sit unrestrained in the passenger seat.

dog hanging out a car window breaking strange driving laws

Swearing at other road users 

If you’re caught swearing or making rude gestures at other road users, you can be charged for disorderly behaviour. You can potentially be fined up to 75% of your weekly income. 

Dirty number plates 

We’ve all left it a little too long to give our cars a wash. But, if your number place becomes so dirty it can’t clearly be read, you can be whacked with a £1,000 fine. You might even fail your MOT!

Driving too slowly 

Driving too slowly can land you in as much trouble as driving too fast. Going slowly causes tension on the roads and punishments range from a verbal warning to nine penalty points. 

eating and driving as strange driving laws in the UK


There are lots of things you probably do in your car every day that count as a distraction in the eyes of the law. If you eat, drink, apply make-up or change a CD while you’re driving, you can get a £100 and up to nine points. 

Phone payments at the drive-thru

You aren’t allowed to use your mobile if your engine is on. To legally be able to pay for your take away, you’ll need to put on the hand break and turn off the engine before you use your phone to make a payment. You could get up to six points and a £1,000 fine if the engine is still running.

Being a middle lane hog 

If you like to sit in the middle lane on the motor way, you can get three points and a £100 fine. Use the middle lane to overtake and then get back on the left as soon as you’re clear. 

woman clearing snow off her car

Always clear your vehicle of snow

We’re sure you clear snow off the windows and wing mirrors of your vehicle before heading out onto the road. But, you also need to make sure the roof is free of snow too, or you could face a £60 fine and 3 penalty points. This is because the roof snow could fall and obscure your view as you travel. 

Using your horn 

You should only ever use your horn to let other road users know you’re there. You can be fined between £30 and £100 if you’re caught using your horn in stationary traffic. 

Warning others about speed traps 

Flashing other road users to let them know that there’s a police speed trap up ahead can land you a fine up to £1,000. You’re preventing police from doing their jobs and it’s a fairly serious offence. 

Which of these strange driving laws have you broken?