Consequences of speeding 

There are several consequences of speeding that you need to take into account when you get behind the wheel. The speed limit is in place for a reason and aims to keep all road users and pedestrians safe. 

You should obey speed restrictions at all times, or you will have to face the consequences of speeding for yourself. 

Speeding penalties 

At the time of writing, the minimum penalty for speeding is a £100 fine and three points on your licence. Your licence will then have a code on it for 4 years to show that you’ve been found guilty of speeding.

If you accumulate 6 penalty points in the first two years after passing your test, your driving licence will be revoked. 

Speed awareness courses 

You might be given the option to attend a speed awareness course rather than receiving a fine and penalty points. This could occur if the police think it is appropriate for your case, or if you have not been on a speed awareness course in the past 3 years. 

UK speed limit sign and speed camera warning

Speed cameras and police stops 

There are two ways you can be caught speeding, either with a speed camera or by being stopped by the police. If the police stop you, there are three things you can expect: a verbal warning, a fixed penalty notice, or an order to go to court which will be sent to you via the post.

If you are caught speeding by a camera, you will receive a letter within 14 days of the offence. This will detail the offence and request detail about who was driving the car. You must respond to this within 28 days. 

You will then be sent your fixed penalty notice detailing your fine and penalty points, an option to attend a speed awareness course if applicable to you, or a letter telling you to go to court. 

Pleading not guilty 

It is possible to plead not guilty to a speeding charge, but your case will be taken to court. If you choose this option and are still found guilty of speeding, you could receive a higher fine and more penalty points than if you had pleaded guilty in the first instance. 

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