MOT preparation

Even with the MOT extensions given by the government during the pandemic, you still need to make sure your cars are in good working order. They need to be road legal for your essential journeys, so we’re going to help you get your car ready for MOT. 

Check out our top tips for MOT preparation to help you get your car through. 

Check your tyres 

A big part of MOT preparation is to make sure that your wheels and tyres are in good working order. They should be the right type and size for your vehicle and have the right pressure.

Check your tread to make sure tyres are still road legal using the handy 20p test. If you slip a 20p into the tread and the outer rim is hidden from view, your tyres should have the appropriate depth. 

Take a look at our advice for checking tyre pressure

Test your lights 

All your lights need to be working for you to pass your MOT. Make sure you and a helper check your front and back lights and indicators so you can safely drive to and pass this part of your MOT.

Check your brakes 

Brakes are a big one and are a very common cause of MOT failure. Make sure that when braking, your car stops in a smooth, straight line. Your pedal rubber shouldn’t be excessively worn and your handbrake should securely hold your vehicle even when parked on a steep incline. 

car windscreen covered in fallen leaves

Inspect your windscreen and wipers 

It’s vital that you have a complete, unobscured view of the road whenever you’re driving. Take a look at your windscreen wipers to make sure they’re in good condition with no tears in the rubber. Give your windscreen a close inspection too and look for any cracks or chips that could cause your car to fail its MOT. 

Need to change your wiper blades? It's easier than you might think.

Remember your registration plates 

Your registration plates need to be clearly visible and securely in place. This is an easy one to forget in your MOT preparation and can come as a surprise. 

Top up your fluids 

Make sure your car is topped up with windscreen washer, oil and brake fluid so that the person conducting your MOT is able to complete the necessary tests. 

Our guidance can help you check your levels and fill up

Look out for any visible damage 

Your vehicle needs to be in a reasonable condition to be able to pass an MOT. Look out for anything that looks bumped, broken or corroded, as they could cause the car to fail. Make sure the doors open and close easily too, including the boot and bonnet. 

woman checking her seat belt during MOT preparation

Inside the car

There are some basic things to look out for inside your car too that you should look out for during MOT preparation. Your seats needs to be secure and your seatbelts should be operating perfectly to be able to pass. 

When your turn your engine on, if there are warning lights, you can reasonably expect some problems to come up in your MOT. You might want to get these checked and resolved beforehand to make things a bit easier. 

Check your speedometer is accurate to the best of your ability and that your horn makes a reasonable noise when pressed. Also, make sure you have all the required mirrors for your vehicle and that they’re positioned appropriately. 

Keep things clean 

If your car’s exterior and interior are clean and free from rubbish and clutter, your mechanic will thank you and it will make the MOT experience much more pleasant. It doesn’t help your car pass, but it still should be an important part of your MOT preparation.  Check out our tips for cleaning your car.

We hope this list has given you some good places to start when preparing for your car’s next MOT. 

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