How to replace wiper blades

At some point in your life as a driver, you’ll need to know how to replace wiper blades. Or, at the very least, you’ll need to be able to give them a good clean and help keep them in perfect working order. 

Without fully functional wiper blades, your car wouldn’t pass an MOT, and it’s actually illegal to drive it in bad weather. So, in this helpful blog, we’re going to show you how to replace wiper blades yourself and share little tips for keeping them in good condition. 

How to replace wiper blades 

Replacing wiper blades is actually a lot simpler than you might think and the technique is reasonably simple. The hardest part is tracking down the right blades for your vehicle model. But, once you have the new blades, fitting them is a doddle. 

You only ever really need to change the rubber that runs along your windscreen when changing your wiper blades. Start by gently lifting the whole wiper arm away from the car, they’re designed to hold at a steady position away from your windscreen to give you room to work. Just make sure it’s steady before you let go – you don’t want it to spring back!

windscreen on a car during the rain

Now, you need to unhook the rubber blade. Where the wiper meets the metal arm, you should see a little stopper holding it in place. Simply press it, and the old wiper blade should release. You can then remove it from the arm and safely dispose of it. 

Then you just need to slot the new wiper blade into the space you’ve just taken the old one from. Clip it back in with your stopper and gently fold the blade back down against the glass. Repeat for any other blades that need replacing and you’re good to go! Plus you’ll feel great, knowing that you just saved yourself money on having them replaced for you.

Caring for wiper blades 

Although you know how to replace wiper blade now, you don’t want to have to do it often. Some simple maintenance helps to extend the lifespan of your blades, and keep your windscreen streak free. 

Every month or so, give your wipers a good clean to keep them fully operational. Lift them off the window and run a wet cloth along the rubber blade. This removes any dirt that has accumulated. Once it’s clean, you can also run your finger along the rubber to make sure there are no breaks or tears and that it still feels nice and springy. Hard, cracked wipers need to be replaced. 

wiper blades on a car windscreen

If you find that even new wiper blades are smearing, or juddering across your windscreen, there’s a little trick you can try. After cleaning the blades, wipe a cloth that’s been dampened with undiluted washer fluid along the rubber to help them operate a little more smoothly. This is also a great time to top up the windscreen washer fluid too! 

When winter rolls around, make sure you check that the wipers haven’t been frozen to the glass before you try and use them. If you do, you run the risk of damaging the wiper motor unit and tearing your rubber blade.

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