Fun ideas for Easter at home

While we’re all still in lockdown, we need to come up with fun ideas for spending Easter at home. There are lots of fantastic things you can do to keep the whole family entertained this Easter without spending a fortune. 

Home based Easter activities 

You and your family have lots of options when it comes to spending Easter at home. Check out some of our ideas for how you can make the bank holiday fun for everyone.

Easter baking 

There are lots of fun Easter recipes you can try now that you’ve got lots of time at home. Get the kids involved with making edible egg nests or chocolate egg cupcakes. Or, for those who want to get a little more adventurous in the kitchen, try hot cross buns or simnel cakes. It’s not just about the sweets either, why not try potato soufflé, cheese muffins or a lamb hotpot.

Easter cupcakes

Egg painting 

Hard boil some eggs and set those creative hands to work. Paint and decorate your eggs and put them in the window to add a bit of brightness to your neighbourhood. If you don’t have any eggs to hand, don’t worry! Our next idea can help.

Rock painting 

Rock painting can be lots of fun. Grab some pebbles from the garden, give them a clean and get to work. Use bright paints to decorate the stones and whatever other craft materials you have at home. If you’re low on supplies, the garden can help! Look for flowers, leaves, feathers…anything that attracts the  eye.

Get planting 

Spring is the perfect time to getting green fingered. Order in seeds and bulbs that you can grow in pots in your home or dig into the garden. Your options are endless here, so have a really good shop around online to find your perfect flowers, vegetables and herbs. 

child hunting for eggs during Easter at home

Homebased Easter egg hunts 

You don’t need to go to an event to hunt eggs! Instead, this year turn your home and any garden space you have into your egg hunting arena. Pick up a range of different chocolate eggs from the supermarket and place them around your home and encourage the kids to find them. Not only will it keep them occupied for a while, snack time is sorted too!

Calls and video chat

National holidays are typically for family time. So, if you’re missing your extended family right now, give them a call! Using video calling technology to see their faces and spend time together even when you’re apart. There are lots of free apps you can use for this. 

Create an Easter tree

Decorating trees is a well-established tradition, and Easter is no different! Use bits of ribbon, create your own string or salt dough decorations and hang them from trees or bushes in your garden. If you don’t have anything suitable, collect sticks during your daily exercise, place them in a vase and decorate them instead. 

tree decorations for Easter at home

Egg and spoon races 

This classic game is lots of fun and can get some healthy competition going! You can even colour and decorate your eggs to stand out from your opponents. 


You can find lots of free Easter themed colouring sheets online that you can print off. Not just for children, colouring has lots of restorative benefits for adults too! Once complete, show off your pictures by putting them up in the window. 

We hope you’ve given you some ideas to keep the whole family entertained this Easter at home. Send us pictures of your Easter treats and activities on Facebook or Twitter