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Travel toys for toddlers 

Do you have a list of must bring travel toys for toddlers when you hit the road? Keeping youngsters happy on journeys is a must. When the kids get agitated, fidgety and bored, you’re in for a rough ride and that can cause you to become distracted behind the wheel.

Luckily, there are lots of simple tricks you can use to keep everyone calm and happy throughout your journey. The best one we’ve discovered over our miles is a steady stream of travel toys for toddlers. They divert attention for your little one and help pass the time in the back of the car.

Best travel toys for toddlers

There are lots of fantastic travel toys for toddlers that will keep them content and entertained in the car. Combine them all in a car travel bag and let your little one pull out something new each time they start to get distracted.

smiling toddler in the back of a car

Start with their favourite toys

Before the trip, together with your child, put a few of their favourite toys from home into the travel bag. That way, they’ll know that something they already love is coming for them to enjoy on the trip.

Getting them involved is a great way to include them in the travel plans and build their excitement for the journey as well as the destination.

Then, once your child is happy all their favourite toys have been included, you can sneak some new treats into the bag. These don’t have to cost a lot and the excitement of new toys will help to keep them going throughout the journey.

New treats for the travel bag

What new little treats you include need to be tailored to your child for them to be really successful, but there are lots of popular travel toys for toddlers we can point you towards.

Colouring books are always a welcome treat and help to keep the calm in the back seats. You can even buy sets of pens that will only mark the book they’ve been designed for. That means no accidental scribbles on the car seats.

Magnetic play sets and puzzles are also incredibly well suited for travel play. The magnetic properties mean it’s hard to lose the pieces as they’re naturally attracted to the travel board. They come in lots of different themes too, from zoo scenes to dollhouses, farms and construction sites.

young boy looking at a sticker book in the car

Window stickers also never fail to delight toddlers. These stickers are easy to peel off and on and can be used in imaginative play. Your youngster can happily occupy themselves making scenes on the window, bringing the sticker animals to life.

Dress up dolls are really good fun for developing toddlers. As they develop their fine motor skills, they love to fiddle with buttons, zips and clips. These dolls are large enough to hold attention, but not so large that they take up an entire travel toy bag.

Lacing toys are great for helping little minds develop and keeping them quiet. The colourful wooden blocks with holes come with an attached ‘needle’ and thread that youngsters can weave, jab and enjoy.

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We hope we’ve given you a few ideas to help keep your little ones happy and relaxed on your next trip. We’ve love to hear how successful they’ve been, and if you’ve got and favourite travel toys for toddlers. Get in touch with us on Twitter with your ideas.

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