Car boot space savers

No matter how big your car is, when you’re heading out on family road trip, you always wish for more boot space! If you’re planning a day trip or longer getaway, take a look at these tips for saving space and packing more into your boot.

Empty the boot first

If you’re anything like us, there are lots of random things rattling around the car that you don’t really need. Before getting started on loading for your holiday, get rid of anything that you don’t need to have in the car. Old shopping bags and empty screen wash cartons can all be left at home, giving you more available boot space for the trip.

Start with the heavy stuff

If you’ve got hard, heavy items, get those in first. You don’t want to get halfway through packing and realise you’ve got bulky camping equipment that is in danger of crushing your travel snacks!

Keep the things you need near the top

Chargers, spare clothes and games should be packed last so they will be right there when you need them. You don't want to get an hour into your journey and then have to pull over and unpack half the car to find the charging cable for the satnav

car boot open on a road trip

Use canvas rather than hard cases

Hard suitcases are great for use on aircraft to protect your items, but in the car they can be quite bulky and take up lots of space. Using a canvas bags lets you squeeze a bit more into the boot.

Invest in vacuum packs

You can make your clothing and bedding much less bulky by investing in vacuum bags. They easily compress your items down and give you more available space.

Have a bag for each stop

If you’re stopping along the way to your final destination, pack one bag with the things you’ll need for that break. It saves you from having to drag out each person’s bag and having to re-pack before you can set off again.

If you’re stopping the night in a hotel or Airbnb on your way to your holiday cottage, have a bag with toiletries, pyjamas and clothing for the next day for everyone. It really saves you hassle on your trip!

Create a toy bag

If you’re travelling with children, get them to help pack a bag of toys that they’re responsible for. That way, your toddlers and young kids can choose their favourite toys and entertainment to have with them in the car and it can sit in the back with them. As well as saving you space in the boot, this helps keep the kids happy on the journey. You can also enjoy these family car games together during the ride. 

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