10 road trip tips 

It’s so exciting heading out on the open road to explore new places. Whether you’re striving out by yourself, or planning a break with friends or family, you’re sure to have a wonderful time. Following our 10 road trip tips will help you make the very most out of your adventure. 

Our top road trip tips 

It’s not as easy as jumping in the car and setting off. To have the best possible time while you’re exploring, make sure you use these 10 road trip tips. 

1.    Check the car

You shouldn’t set off on a long journey before you know the car is in perfect working order. Check the lights, oil levels, brakes and tyres to make sure they’re all in perfect order. You should also make sure you’ve got a decent spare tyre and jack, jumper cables and screen wash tucked away in the boot. 

2.    Bring your insurance and break down details

Having these vital pieces of documentation can make a breakdown much less of a trauma on your journey. It’s likely you won’t need them, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

3.    Keep things clean 

Trust us, this is one of the lesser known road trip tips. When you’re travelling long distances, empty drinks bottles and food wrappers get very annoying. Keep the car as clutter free as possible so it won’t start making you grumpy as you go along. 

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empty road for a driver following road trip tips

4.    Get yourself a car phone charger

Having a car phone charger can save you lots of hassle. Whether you’re using your phone for navigation, blaring the tunes or your favourite podcasts, you need to make sure it’s charged. Plus, if the worst should happen and you break down, you’ll be able to call for help. 

5.    Sketch out your route 

It’s incredibly important to have an idea of your route to help you get from A to B and back again. But, if you meticulously plan each stop, you might miss something incredible on the way. Give yourselves a little wiggle room for ‘that looks cool’ and ‘I wonder what’s down there’ moments. 

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6.    Snacks 

Snacks are a key part of the road trip experience. Bring a cool bag and keep it topped up with drinks and snacks. They’ll keep you going on the drive and will be really helpful if you get a bit lost. 

7.    Play to your strengths 

If you’re travelling with other people, divide up the tasks based on people’s strengths. Plan who will drive and when they’ll be behind the wheel, decide on a navigator, a car DJ, and the snack master.

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woman driving and following road trip tips

8.    Carry coins 

You never know where an old toll road might pop up or where you’ll have to pay for parking. Always keep a few coins to hand to make sure you’re prepared. 

9.    Bring a spare key

If you’re travelling with other people, make sure other people have keys to the car. That way, if you accidentally lock yours in the car, or lose it in a restaurant, you’ll have fast access to a spare. 

10.    Create a road trip survival box 

Along with your insurance documents, snacks, and charger, pack a survival box. Include things like: paper towels, hand sanitiser, sun cream, plasters, umbrellas, and bug spray. You won’t regret it.

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