Benefits of hybrid cars

For the eagle eyed among you, you’ll notice we’ve just added Toyota Auris hybrid to our fleet. We’re really excited to start hearing your feedback on it – so make sure to leave us a review on Facebook if you give the cars a try!

There are lots of benefits of hybrid cars we want to shout about. So, take a look at a few of the main advantages of driving hybrid and book in for your next hire with us today.

1. They’re less polluting

A hybrid car’s biggest benefit is that it’s much less polluting than petrol or diesel engines. They’ve got massively reduced exhaust emissions. And when you’re driving in London, that is a big deal – as it impacts what you have to pay when driving in the LEZ and ULEZ.

2. You don’t need to fuel up as much

When you’re driving in the city, you’ll be running off the electric engine, no petrol required. When travelling at higher speeds, the petrol engine will kick in and cleverly charge up your electric reserves.

Toyota auris hybrid car for hire

3. You get great range

With the petrol engine as a handy back up, you get much greater range than you would in an all-electric vehicle. You won’t have to stop to charge up as often. When your electric engine gets low on charge, the car will switch to its petrol engine and you can keep going.

4. You get great acceleration

With the clever technology inside hybrid cars, you get incredible acceleration. The electric motor puts all the pulling power to work the moment you touch the accelerator. You get all the fun of a sports car with the comfort and practicality of a family vehicle.

5. You charge up when you break

Whenever you use your breaks, that energy is transferred into power that charges the electric engine. Nothing is lost in your hybrid car! The harder you break, the more energy is produced.

Hybrid cars are a fantastic choice for getting around London and taking trips away from the city. Plus, Meashams offers you a fantastic daily price for your hybrid hire. Take a look at our Auris and book your hire today.

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