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Get better fuel economy with these simple steps 

If you’re wondering how to get better fuel economy from your vehicle, there are some simple steps you can follow. Spend less time at the pumps with a little careful consideration of how you drive. With the constantly changing price of fuel, these tips can help you make real savings.

So, what will improve fuel consumption? Check out what you can do to get better fuel economy.

Be light on your pedals

We know that it’s fun to stick your foot down and watch the speedometer climb. But, if you’re looking to increase your fuel economy, you’re going to need to be a bit less heavy footed. Fast acceleration means your vehicle needs to use more fuel.

The same happens if you’re heavy on the break. Lots of energy is needed to bring your car to a complete stop. Be mindful of the space between you and other road users and try to gently bring your car to a stop wherever possible.

woman carefully driving her car to get better fuel economy

Lose unnecessary weight

The more you pack into your vehicle, the less fuel efficient it will be. Don’t carry around unnecessary items in the boot, offload your rubbish and take off roof racks and storage accessories when they’re not in use. A lighter vehicle won’t have to work so hard, and you’ll get better fuel economy as a result.

Check your tyre pressure

Are your tyres inflated to the recommended pressure? Do they have the right tread pattern? If not, you’re making the car work harder by increasing the rolling resistance it is up against. Save your engine this extra effort and it’ll reward you with better mileage.

Take a look at our handy guide to checking your tyre pressure.

Don’t idle

If you’ve got to be stationary for a length of time, turn the engine off. Idling is simply a waste of fuel, not to mention the unnecessary carbon dioxide you’re pumping into the air. Save your wallet, and your lungs, by turning the car off while you wait.

Check the air filter

Next time you get your oil changed, ask for an air filter check too. If your filter gets clogged up with dirt and dust, it won’t work as effectively and put extra pressure on your engine. Simply cleaning or replacing your air filter is a really quick fix for better fuel economy.

Make sure you know where you’re going

If you’ve got a plan in mind of what your journey is going to look like, you’ll save time and fuel. Plan your errands so you don’t have to zig-zag all over to maximise your fuel economy. You’ll also be able to plan your trips to avoid traffic at the busiest periods and if you’re going somewhere new, save yourself from getting lost and driving round in circles.

Get smart with your air conditioning

In warm weathers, there’s nothing nicer than a cool breeze on your face as your cruise along. But, whether that comes from your air conditioner or an open window depends on where you’re driving.

If you’re going slowly through the inner city, it’s more fuel efficient to open the windows. But, if you’re travelling faster, roll your windows up and switch on the blowers to reduce the drag on the vehicle.

Fill up when it’s cold

This is a handy little trick. Fuel is denser when it’s cold, and the pumps measure by volume. So, by filling up when it’s cold out, you’ll get a bit more fuel for your money.

Things to remember

There are lots of great tips that can help you save money and get better fuel economy. Keep your driving smooth and avoid heavy acceleration and breaking wherever possible. Make sure your vehicle is well maintained to avoid extra strain on the engine and keep the weight you’re carrying to a minimum.

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