9 long distance driving tips 

Measham Self Drive have put together a list of our top 9 long distance driving tips to make your next journey a lot easier. Being prepared and ready for the toll it’ll take on your mind and body will help make your next long journey much less of a strain. 

1.    Get plenty of rest before your journey 

Making sure you’re fully rested is key to a successful long distance trip. You don’t want to find yourself dozing off behind the wheel! Driver fatigue can causes serious accidents, so don’t put yourself, your passengers, or other road users in danger. 

2.    Eat right 

It’s tempting to pop into the service station and grab some fast food, but it’ll actually make your journey harder to complete. Instead, choose healthier options that are packed full of vitamins to help give you energy for the drive. 

You should also make sure you’re well hydrated. Keep a bottle of water to hand and refill it when you stop. 

3.    Stop regularly 

You can’t drive for hours and hours on end without stopping. You and your passengers will need comfort breaks. We recommend stopping every 2 hours.

man long distance driving in the rain 

4.    Stay entertained 

Play your favourite tunes, enjoy some car games with your passengers, or listen to an audio book or podcast to keep the whole car entertained on your long journey. It’ll help to keep you alert and make the drive feel less arduous. 

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5.    Keep cool

If the car is warm and cosy, you’re more likely to drift off. Keep the temperature cool to help you stay alert. 

It’s also helpful to have some peppermint flavoured sweets or gum handy, as peppermint naturally perks you up and helps keep you awake on a long journey. 

6.    Divert from the motorway 

Motorway driving is boring, and your concentration can slip. It’s sometimes better to take smaller, slower roads to make the drive more fun to keep you alert. You’ll have a more diverse journey that’s likely more enjoyable than looking at miles of motorway. 

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long distance driving on the motorway

7.    Keep the car in excellent condition 

You want to reduce your chances of breakdown and make the journey as enjoyable as possible. Making sure your car is in top condition is incredibly important and basic maintenance can make a big difference. 

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8.    Dress for comfort 

If you’re going to be sat for long stretches of time, you’re going to want to be comfortable. Plan your outfit and think carefully about your shoes to make sure you won’t be suffering for fashion on your long journey. 

9.    Share the drive wherever possible 

If you’ve got passengers in the car, hopefully they’ll be able to share the drive with you. This will make sure you’re all well rested and get a break from the road when you’re travelling long distance. 

We hope you find these 9 long distance driving tips helpful for your next journey! 

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