Stop car sickness before it begins

There’s nothing worse than getting travel sick early on in your journey and feeling rotten for the rest of the day. So, if you’re heading out on a long car journey, check out these tips to stop car sickness before it even begins. 

Take the wheel 

One of the best ways to prevent feeling ill in the car is to be the driver. When you’re in the driving seat, you have control of the vehicle, and your brain is actively engaged in driving. Watching the road and making all the decisions about when and where you move helps stop you feeling ill. 

Sit in the front seat 

If you aren’t the one who is going to be driving, make sure you bag the front passenger seat. The big front window allows you to keep your eyes focused on the horizon ahead, which is a top tip for avoiding car sickness. 

Keep the conversation flowing 

If you’re engaged in conversation, you’re less likely to feel queasy. It’ll keep you distracted so you won’t have any time to think about feeling ill. 

Make sure you can get fresh air 

Opening the window slightly will give you a constant stream of fresh air which will help stop the feelings of car sickness. 

child using a game console in the car

Don’t read or use handheld devices 

If you’re prone to travel sickness, avoid looking at your phone, video game console, or reading while you’re in the car. It’ll only make you feel worse. Instead, distract yourself with chatting, your favourite music, or car games. 

Plan your food and drink 

Don’t eat or drink things that are likely to make you feel unwell before you travel. You should also avoid things that make you feel really full, as that will also increase your chances of feeling ill on a trip. Avoid alcohol and foods with strong smells, or that are spicy or fat-rich. 

Have ginger to hand 

Ginger is an excellent treatment for nausea. If you know you’re likely to get car sick, try a ginger tea before the journey, or bring ginger flavoured snacks for the ride. 

Tap into your pressure points 

You don’t need to waste your money on wristbands that claim to cure car sickness. Use your fingers instead to gently push down on the pressure points on your wrist to help get rid of your nausea. To find the best point, place your first 3 fingers at the very bottom of your hand. Your pressure point is where the bottom finger is, in the centre of your arm. 

Following these tips should help you stop car sickness before it starts, or manage it a little better if it does strike. 

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