Smart parking tips 

Despite security technologies ever advancing, car crimes are still on the rise in the UK. To help keep your belongings and vehicle safe, we’ve put together a handy list of parking tips you can follow. 

Keep valuables out of site 

Don’t give opportunist criminals the chance. Keep anything valuable in your car hidden away. Hide your phone, purse, wallet or spare cash, and satnavs. Keep any paperwork tucked away and don’t leave bags or coats on the seats. These look like they’re concealing valuable things and might encourage a thief to strike. 

Parking tips

The place you choose to leave your car is a big asset when it comes to keeping your vehicle safe. When at home, try to pull forwards onto your drive. Having to reverse out deters crimes of opportunity as it’s much more of an effort to get away.  

cars in a dark street following smart parking tips

If you don’t have a drive, seek to park in front of a large window and as close to the house as possible. In large, open spaces with good visibility all around, you decrease the risk of theft or damage to your vehicle. 

In car parks, look to park near other vehicles. Leaving it exposed in a quite area means criminals are more likely to take their chance. You can also turn your wheels towards other vehicles or towards the curb as it helps prevent a speedy getaway. 

If you’re parking on the road, aim for a spot below a streetlamp. When coming back to your vehicle, make sure you have your keys to hand and try not to juggle lots of bags. If you look to be struggling, it can present an opportunity. 

There are lots of simple steps you can take to help keep your car and valuables safe when you park. We hope you’ll find some of these useful. 

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