Find the fuel tank door from inside the vehicle

We’ve all been there. You’ve driven up to the petrol station and have completely forgotten which side the fuel tank door is on. 

When driving a hire vehcile, you might not know which side the cap is on, and you've certainly got more on your mind than remembering to check before you set off.

That’s why we’re going to share a handy little tip for quickly learning which side you need to line up at the pumps. 

Ford dashboard showing where to find the fuel tank door

Your dashboard shows you what side your fuel tank door is on with a helpful little arrow. This is a little known tip that’ll save you having to make that 50/50 choice on the forecourt. Just look for the little pump symbol and the arrow points to the side you need. 

Now you’ll never have to get out and check again. 

car fuel tank arrow by fuel measureIf you’re familiar with one car manufacturer, you’ll also find that they typically keep the fuel tank door on the same side of all their models. Here’s the general rule of thumb for the vehicles available for hire through Meashams Self Drive: 

Ford: Left hand side 

Vauxhall: Right hand side

Toyota: Left hand side

Hyundai: Left hand side

Mercedes: Right hand side

If you’re in any doubt, just check the dashboard! 

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