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Driving technologies

In recent years, there have been some really clever advancements in driving technologies. From making vehicles safer on the road to improving passenger comfort, we’ve seen a lot of change for the better. Take a look at some of our favourite and most useful driving technologies.

Reversing sensors

Reversing sensors and cameras are a really helpful extra guide when it comes to parking and manoeuvring. Having the extra set of digital eyes helping you position your vehicle is really handy, especially when parking an unfamiliar hire vehicle. This is one piece of driving technology we really appreciate.

Anti-lock break systems

Now standard in most vehicles, anti-lock break systems help prevent skidding in an emergency breaking situation. You get to maintain your steering capabilities and avoid a collision.

Bluetooth and hands free

It’s hard to think about a time before Bluetooth, but there are lots of vehicles on the road that don’t have handsfree technology. Being able to safely make calls, listen to your own music, or program your satnav is a real game changer.

man using hands free driving technologies

Lane departure warnings

Motorway driving can be tricky. There’s lots going on and it’s all happening at high speeds so having some extra help with the lanes is very useful. If you’re driving at night especially, it can be easy to lose concentration and start to drift into another lane. The lane departure warning will sound and make sure you’re focusing on the drive.

Smart headlights

Headlights that adapt to the road are really useful. It helps to reduce glare and improve night vision which other users will really thank you for, especially on long journeys.

Dash cams

You can be an exceptional driver and follow all the rules of the road to the letter, but accidents can still happen. Having a dash cam recording while you’re on the move gives you proof of what happened if something goes wrong on the road.

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