The most common road accidents to be aware of

There are lots of causes for common road accidents that you’ll want to avoid every time you get behind a wheel. We wanted to highlight some of the biggest reasons for road accidents to help you be on your guard as you drive. 

Causes of common road accidents 

Check out the top 10 causes of road accidents and see what you can do to help prevent them.

1.    Distracted driving 

Getting distracted behind the wheel can be disastrous. A situation can change in a heartbeat, and you need to make sure all your concentration is on the road. When you’re driving, don’t use your phone, reprogram your satnav, or eat or drink. Keep your full attention on the road ahead. 

2.    Rain 

Not making allowances for a wet or slippery road can be deadly. Make sure if the road is wet or icy, you double your stopping distances, avoid sharp breaking and tight turns, and use your lights to make sure you can see and be seen. 

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cars driving on a wet road surface

3.    Road rage 

Getting angry at someone else’s driving is only going to make yours worse. If you get cross behind the wheel, pull over somewhere safe until you’ve calmed down again. Driving when you’re angry makes you distracted and prone to poor judgement. 

4.    Pot holes 

Bad road surfaces are a nightmare. They can damage your car or cause drivers to undertake alarming manoeuvres to avoid them. If you spot a pot hole in your path, react to the hazard safely. Drive around it wherever possible, or make sure your car does not hit it at speed if you’re forced to drive through. 

5.    Driver fatigue 

If you find yourself getting sleepy behind the wheel, you need to stop and take a break. Falling asleep while you’re driving can have disastrous consequences. 

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6.    Animals in the road 

Animals don’t obey human road laws. They might pop out in front of your vehicle at any moment. Animal crossing signs are in place in spots where you’re likely to see wildlife, so make sure you take note of these as you drive in case you need to suddenly take evasive action. 

7.    Speeding 

The speed limit is there for a reason. It’s to keep you, other road users and passers-by safe. As your speed increases, you reaction time decreases, so you have less time available to react to a hazard as it appears. 

distracted driver responding to common causes of accidents

8.    Recklessness on the road 

You need to be considerate of other road users at all times when you’re driving. Being reckless and speeding, changing lanes quickly and without warning, and not leaving enough space between you and the vehicle in front are all causes of common road accidents. 

9.    Look out for all other road users 

Use your mirrors and check your blind spots before making any movement on the road. Look out for cyclists, pedestrians and motorbikes and clearly signal your intent to others. You should even check everything is clear before opening your door to exit the vehicle. 

10.    Driving under the influence 

It should go without saying, but never get behind the wheel if you’re intoxicated. It reduces your ability to think and react and puts you and all other road users at risk. 

Don’t risk it! 

Common road accidents happen all the time, despite our best efforts to avoid them. Help to keep yourself, you passengers and other road users safe by making yourself aware of these common issues.  

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