What’s the best car rental in London? 

If you’re coming to the city for a trip, you’ll need to know what the best rental car in London is. Having access to a car makes day tripping and getting the most from your time here much easier. 

But, as to what the best car rental is in London, you’ll get lots of different answers depending on who you ask! We’ve put together a list of considerations you can make to help you find the best car for your time in London. 

What to look for in a London rental car 

The experts at Meashams Self Drive live and work in the city and know a thing or two about driving here. 2019 was a great year for city cars. The VW up!, Skoda Citygo, Kia Picanto and Hyundai i10 all topped lists of best city cars for the year. 

But would these vehicles be right for your trip? When you’re considering hiring a car for driving in and around London, here’s a few things to consider.  

How easy will it be to park? 

Parking spaces in London aren’t always easy to come by and it’s a really good idea to plan ahead to make sure you know where you can leave your vehicle when you go exploring the city. 

The smaller the car, the easier you’ll be able to find somewhere to leave it, plus you'll struggle less on any narrow London streets too!

cars parked on a London street

Will it fit your passengers and luggage? 

Size is a tricky consideration here in London, especially if you’ve got a family and lots of holiday essentials. You need to make sure whatever car you hire is large enough to comfortable seat all your passengers and their luggage. 

Is it exempt from the congestion charge?

You don’t want to get stung every day by the congestion charge when you’re driving around the city. At the time of writing this blog, cars that produce more than 75g/km of CO2 must pay to travel through the centre. 

Electric and hybrids are your best option and will help to shift away from more traditional, damaging petrol and diesel models.

Find out more about emission and congestion charges in London here.  

Is it economical? 

You don’t want to have to pay more for your fuel than you have to! When driving in London, you’ll likely have to do lots of stopping and starting, so you want to make sure your hire car won’t burn lots of fuel doing so. Make sure any model you hire has good economy ratings. 

dashboard of a car for hire in London

Does it come with a sat nav? 

Driving around London can be confusing even to people who have lived here all their lives. Having a reliable sat nav in your hire car is an invaluable asset to help you navigate the busy streets and find your exciting destinations.

Find out more about safe driving with a sat nav here.

Is it comfortable? 

You want to make sure that you and any passengers are comfortable, as you might spend a lot of time in the car as you make your way through London and the surrounding area. Whether you’re day tripping or having to wait in traffic, your hire car should be comfortable to sit in. 

London rental cars 

For a trip in and around the city, you have lots of choice when it comes to hiring a car. But, the very best rental cars in London of course come from Meashams Self Drive! We offer modern, comfortable vehicles at the very best prices around.

We’re local car hire experts you need and can offer advice to help you book the right car for your intended journeys. Give us a call on 0208 578 6858 or contact us online to discuss your hire needs. 

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