Road trip snacks

Road trip snacks are a vital part of your travel! While your car eats up the miles beneath you, you’ll need to think about what snacks you can enjoy on the go to keep your energy levels up. But what foods are best for eating on the go?

Check out some of the best road trip snacks for your journey.


Popcorn is a great on the go snack. It’s full of fibre and carbs that can help keep you going on the road. Try and avoid really sugary flavours if you can, as that will help you avoid a sugar drip a few miles up the road.

Carrot, cucumber and pepper sticks

Grab some veggies from your fridge and slice them into easy to eat stick shapes. Carrots, peppers and cucumber make for great, healthy batons that you can munch on the go. They also bite cleanly, so you don’t need to worry about crumbs in the car!

carrot, pepper and cucumber road trip snacks

Hard boiled eggs

Before your trip, hard boil some eggs and pop them in a Tupperware ready to eat while you’re on the move. There is very little mess, especially if you halve them before you hit the road, and they’re packed full of protein.

Trail mix and nuts

This is a favourite of travellers all over the world. Trail mix and nuts can give you a long lasting energy boost, don’t take up a lot of space, and the variety means you enjoy every mouthful. You just have to be careful you don’t end up with little bits of the mix littering the car – it can be a deceptively messy snack.

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These sweet fruits require no preparation but are great for snacking on as you travel. Simply pull off grapes from the vine as and when you feel a little peckish and enjoy the super sweet bites of these lovely fruits.

Bring plenty of water

Make sure your refillable water bottles are topped up before you leave and whenever you have a stop. Often, when we feel hungry, we’re actually thirsty! So make sure you’re regularly hydrating your body on your journey.

re-fillable water bottles

Snack bars

Whether you make your own or buy from the shop, snack bars are a great way to stop yourself caving and getting fast food when you break your journey. They’re full of protein and make you feel full so those golden arches by the side of the road won’t look so appealing.

Dark chocolate

If you’re craving something a little naughty, choose dark chocolate over milk or white. It contains less sugar so is much better for you, and won’t give you the same sugar crash while behind the wheel.

What are your favourite road trip snacks?

You don’t have to depend on service station food. Packing your own road trip snacks is a much healthier, more cost effective way to graze on the go. What are your favourite foods to snack on in the car? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.  

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