Christmas gifts for car lovers

Struggling to know what to get for your friends and family this year? We’ve got lots of ideas for Christmas gifts for car loves that you can use to give them a very merry festive period. 

Car care kits 

Don’t underestimate the joy you can bring to your car enthusiast with a well-stocked car care kit. Do some snooping and discover their favourite brands to use on their vehicle and put together a gift box (or bucket!) full of glass wipes, wax, shampoo, air fresheners, wheel brush, grit guard, tyre shine… 

If you don’t want to put together your own kit, there are lots of pre-made ones you can purchase.

Driving experiences 

A real car enthusiast will never say no to getting out in a new car on a new track to put their driving skills to the test. You can get some amazing deals, especially around Christmas, so make sure you do your research to find the best option. Whether it’s rally cars, vintage cars or off road experiences, there are so many to choose from. 

Jeep off road experience Christmas gift for car lovers

Air vent mounts 

Give the gift of convenience to your car loving friend or relative this year. There are lots of fantastic solutions on the market for mounting mobile devices in the car so they can safely be used hands free while on the road. 

Air vent mounts are a brilliant solution, because they look great and can be used in a wide variety of car makes and models. 

Car rubbish bins 

No, they don’t sound very glamourous, but your car loving friend will really appreciate an attractive, functional car rubbish bin to help keep their vehicle sparkling, inside and out. 

Boot organisers 

There are lots of fantastic boot organisers available which go a long way to keeping cars spick and span. Help your friend or colleague manage their boot space with one of these brilliant organisers. 

Lego models 

There are so many different Lego models of all our favourite cars. Have a browse of the Lego store to see the available makes and models and match them to your friend’s interests. 

Lego sports car and mini figure

Powerful car sound system 

If your friend loves cars, they will very likely also really appreciate a brilliant car sound system. These don’t have to cost the Earth to sound amazing, and you’ve got an incredible range of choice for sound systems and subwoofers.

Car coffee maker

Cleverly designed car coffee makers plug into the cigarette lighter and sit in the cup holder while a coffee is brewing. Perfect for your caffeine addicted friends! 

Seat gap fillers 

We’ve all dropped something inside our cars that we really wanted to hang on to. Save your car enthusiast the stress of watching keys, phones and crumbs making their way down into the hard to reach crevices in their vehicle with drop stop seat gap fillers. 

Keychain escape tool 

In case of emergency, having a keychain car escape tool to hand can be incredibly useful. The small, lightweight little key chains are able to cut through seatbelts and break windows safely if the worst should happen and your friend ends up in a road accident. 

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas to help you buy Christmas gifts for car lovers in your social circles. What was your best ever car related gift? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter