Basic car engine maintenance

There are lots of little things that you can do to keep your car engine in good working order. Following these tips should prevent costly repairs to your engine come MOT time

Check your oil levels 

This is one of the most basic checks you can do for your engine and a shockingly high number of people fail to carry it out. 

We’ve got some tips for helping you carry out a basic oil level check

Check your coolant levels 

Don’t let your car overheat, because that can cause all kinds of problems. Simply keep your coolant topped up to help prevent this common issue. 

Regularly change your oil 

As well as checking its levels, you want to make sure the oil itself is changed frequently. Each car manufacturer will give a recommended amount of time between changes that you should stick to.

man doing basic car maintenance 

Clean or change your air filter

An engine air filter works hard to prevent dust and debris from getting into your engine. If it gets clogged up, air flow is restricted and you might notice a lack of power when you accelerate. If air filters go unchanged for too long, they might actually break and let grime into your engine. 

Take care of your timing belt

If your car is fitted with one, you need to make sure your timing belt is well maintained and replaced as frequently as the manufacturer recommends. If it snaps, you can do some real damage to your engine. 

Check your spark plugs 

If your car has conventional spark plugs they can wear out. If they’re not working efficiently, your ignition coil might fail and your engine might misfire. So, make sure your spark plugs are changed regularly. 

There are lots of basic things that you can do to help keep your engine in excellent working order. Following these tips can make a big difference to how well your engine performs. 

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